Instructions for Using the Cal Poly Template v5.1

Updated 06/18/2012

Template Setup and Overview


The Cal Poly Web Template v5.1 requires the use of Dreamweaver CS3 or higher, and knowledge of the Dreamweaver Templates and Libraries feature, and how to apply CSS classes correctly. For information on obtaining Dreamweaver training, ITS suggests that users obtain training through the training website.

The University asks that in order to retain the accessibility of the template, keep the design the same and without modifying the original artwork or layout. Web sites in which the template has been changed could cause the site to become inaccessible and therefore will not be linked from the Cal Poly Web site.

Configuring Dreamweaver

This step assumes that you have downloaded the template and extracted it to a folder on a local file server (ITS strongly discourages storing Web sites on personal workstations). In Dreamweaver, use the Site > Manage Sites... menu option to set up your Web site so that the cp_template_standard_v5.1 folder is your root folder and the images folder is your default folder for images.

You must be connected to the internet to edit these files, otherwise Dreamweaver cannot access the css and javascript files that are hosted centrally. Without connectivity you will not see styling when pages are opened in Dreamweaver.

Template Structure

The CP Template consists of a master template (master.dwt) that holds the department-specific information in the header and footer. The master template allows your department information to be consistent across your entire site, and links to the four templates from which Web pages can be created. When creating a new page for your Web site, make sure to create it from the span_normal.dwt, span_extrawide.dwt, or home.dwt file, not the master_template.dwt.


Home Template (home.dwt)

Span Template (span_normal.dwt)



  1. Hero/Content Area
  2. Main Nav
  3. Header
  4. Search
  5. Widgets
  6. Footer
  7. Right Nav

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