Campus Web Templates

Creating a cohesive Cal Poly web experience

Having a consistent web experience across all Cal Poly web pages allows viewers to
recognize and relate to Cal Poly as a whole, making all campus sites feel part of the
Cal Poly family.


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Benefiting colleges and units

Using the templates provides numerous benefits to your department including

  • Saving money on web design
  • Being compliant with CSU policy
  • Following California and U.S. accessibility

Providing consistent style and customization

Using the Cal Poly templates will help you by

  • Functioning consistently in all browsers
  • Providing consistent style, while still allowing for customization
  • Ensuring future updates are easy to implement
  • Reinforcing that your web pages are an official part of the University Web site by being complementary to the design of the Cal Poly home page and other top-tier pages

Campus support

The President has delegated authority to the Vice President for Advancement to
ensure that the campus visual identity requirements are respected in both print and
electronic formats.

The President has also delegated authority to the Vice Provost for Information
Technology/Chief Information Officer to ensure that accessibility requirements are
adhered to in all campus electronic communications and IT products and services.

Stay supported: don’t modify the templates
Information Technology Services will not support web sites that have fundamentally
modified the template structure (XHTML), layout, or design (CSS). In addition, such
changes may cause your site to become inaccessible.

We strongly recommend you use the Web page templates for all official campus
Web pages, without modifying the look or feel of the Cal Poly identity.


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