University Identity

What This Section Contains

This section provides campus Web developers with the Cal Poly Web templates that are to be used for Cal Poly official Web pages. These templates save campus departments time and money on Web design.

This section also presents the correct usage of the Cal Poly name, the official University colors, and provides a repository of the Cal Poly logo.

What is University Identity? ...and Why Should We Use It?

Cal Poly recognizes the importance of presenting consistent University identity on official Cal Poly Web pages to our constituency. In order to accomplish this the University has established minimum requirements (University Identity and Communication Elements for Official Web Pages) to assist Web authors who create or who manage sites for the University.

Consistent presentation of identity marks on official Web pages assists in creating a sense of credibility and trustworthiness toward Cal Poly among our Web viewing audience. It also contributes toward a consistent message emanating through our Web sites about the high quality of a Cal Poly education and contributes greatly to brand awareness of the Cal Poly name (this last point has many benefits also). For example, better brand awareness enhances the perceived value of a Cal Poly diploma (the underlying education), which will ultimately result in creating greater loyalty among our Alumni and broader recognition in academic peer groups and in industry.

Using the Cal Poly Web Templates vs. Custom Designing for Official Web Pages

The Public Affairs department asks that university departments and programs use the University Web templates for official Web pages. Some of the benefits are cost savings and ease of maintenance. If a department should choose to pay for a custom design, it must conform to the criteria in the Style Requirements section of this Web site. The Style Requirements section presents a concise set of all requirements that apply to official Cal Poly Web pages.

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