Alert Icon Symbol Selection Process

Red Circle with White X withinGreen Square with word "OK" withinYellow triangle with exclamation point withinBlue triangle with white letter "i" withinGreen square with right pointing arrow withinYellow triangle with question mark withinWhite triangle with question mark within

(These are a large version of the symbols and not meant to be used within an application)

Purpose of the Alert Icons

The purpose of the Alert Icon - Symbol Selection Process is to facilitate the consistent use of symbols that assist with alerting or informing users of the state/condition of a campus Web application or product (e.g. a course) or of their ability to access a product or service. The symbols are intended primarily for use in My Cal Poly portal applications though other uses may fit.

Use the Symbols "As Is"

The icons contained on these pages have been standardized for consistent symbol usage. Please do not change the color or shape of these icons. The icons have been tested with users for recognition and applicability. When properly selected through the use of the Alert Icon - Symbol Selection Worksheet (MS Excel) and the Alert Icon - Symbol Selection Matrix, these icons should provide a high degree of instant recognition for users.

How to Select an Alert Icon

  1. Use the Symbol Selection Worksheet (MS Excel) to assist with defining the states of an application for which alert icons will be assigned. See instructions at the bottom of the worksheet.
  2. Use the Symbol Selection Matrix to select the correct icon ONLY AFTER you've fully defined the states.
  3. Copy the alert icons from the Symbol Selection Matrix and apply to the application, ensure that the correct ALT text is used.

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