Content Ownership

For Official websites at Cal Poly, individual departments are responsible for creating and maintaining their own content, responding to inquiries about their content, updating their content as necessary, and adhering to Copyright and Fair Use policy provisions. Content includes, but is not limited to text, images, PDFs, forms, link titles, link URLs, audio, and video.

Content Ownership Guidelines

The following points outline the content ownership guidelines for Cal Poly:

  • Content (text, wording, images, artwork, and other media) on official Web sites is generally viewed as official university information and could be legally binding to the university.
  • Official campus Web sites should only present information that is owned (originated or officially managed) by the entity represented by the Web site.
  • The University strongly discourages the duplication of content across different Web sites (except in the instance of university identification graphics or other common graphical elements). This will ensure that our users will not click to duplicate or potentially confusing information.
  • The Cal Poly Home Page only links to official university content that is maintained by the designated owner of that content. This will ensure that only information accurately belonging to the owner of that information source is consistently presented to our users.
  • Content presented through official campus Web sites must be kept current and accurate.
  • All content on official Cal Poly sites must comply with copyright laws, Cal Poly guidelines and policies, and Accessibility best practices.
  • Official Cal Poly sites are responsible for responding to inquiries regarding their Web site functionality and content. Therefore, contact information must be present on all Cal Poly Web sites. Please see the minimum identity and communication requirements for Cal Poly Web pages.

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