What type of site do you need?

The type of Web site determines the resources you may need to complete it. Will the site be used to augment a course? Will the content represent department, a unit, or a program? Will the content change often? Is it for personal use only? Will it be part of your class work as a student? Will it be used to promote a new product of the University?

The following descriptions are based on University functions rather than technical capabilities. If you need more assistance on defining the purpose of your site, please see the Conceptualization section on Purpose.

Department/Unit/Program Web sites

These sites are used in support of academic and administrative functions of the University. They are recognized as "official Web sites" of the University. As such, they must adhere to specific policy, minimum page element, and other style requirements.

Course Web sites

You're a professor and you want to assemble course materials specifically to support, augment, or be a completely online Cal Poly course.

Club or Team

Setting up a Web site for club or teams are officially recognized by the University and chartered through ASI .

Grant Project

Setting up a Web site for Grants or Contracts (including research support and externally funded grants) that are associated with University departments.

Enterprise Project

Setting up a Web site for Cal Poly Enterprise Projects.

Class Work/Senior Project Web sites

Setting up a Web site as part of a Cal Poly class or a senior project.


Setting Up Web Site in support of a Cal Poly Committee.


Setting Up a personal Web site at Cal Poly.

University Special Project

Setting Up a Web site that is considered a one-time special project being conducted through the University. Examples of special projects might include: TII (Telecommunication Infrastructure Initiative), and WASC.

Other University Affiliates

ASI, Cal Poly Corporation, Cal Poly Housing Corporation.

Product Marketing/Sales Web site

Setting up a Web site to market / sell a Cal Poly produced product.

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