Resources You Will Need to get Started

This section is best understood if you begin by using the Site Type section.

The resources described here will help you understand what you will need to do in order to publish (host) a Web site at Cal Poly. The type of site you want to construct will determine the resources you will need to ascertain.


Course content can be placed into PolyLearn, which is a comprehensive and flexible e-Learning software platform developed for educators to enhance teaching and learning.


Drupal is Cal Poly's web content management system. Departments and many other official campus entities can get sites on the Drupal system.

Department (owned) Web server

Your Department may be hosting Web sites on it’s own Departmental Web server...

Educational Web Services (Cal Poly Corporation)

Consider having the Cal Poly Corporation's Educational Web Services develop and host your Web site.

Special Web Services

  • Forms
  • Database processes
  • Frequently changing content

Outsourcing a Web project

Information you need to know should you decide to outsource the development and hosting of your Web site.

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