Getting Started

Here you'll find the essential processes needed to implement a Web site at Cal Poly. Not all of the information is relevant to all types of sites. Where applicable, requirements for "official" Cal Poly Web sites are stated.

  1. Begin with "What Type of Web Site do you need?"
  2. Next, determine "The Resources You Will Need" to ascertain to construct and publish your Web site at Cal Poly.
  3. Use the remaining sections (Planning, Building, etc.) to learn best practices for constructing and publishing a site at the University.

For information on obtaining training for Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, and other Web tools, ITS suggests that users obtain training through the training website.

What Type of Web Site do you need?

Start here to determine what type of site you want to construct and what resources you may need to complete it.

The Resources You Will Need

Provides guidance on ascertaining the resources necessary to construct and publish a Web site at Cal Poly. The resources you will need are dependent in part on the type of site you want to construct.

Official Web Pages

Is your Web page/site "official" according to Cal Poly policy? Find out if what an official page/site is and what requirements must be implemented.

What is Fair Use? Do you have permission to use someone else's Copyrighted material on your Web site?

Courseware (PolyLearn)

The PolyLearn service is specifically designed to house and manage all course
content and activities on-line.

Using Templates

The University provides Web templates (for use with "official" Cal Poly Web pages) that are designed to promote a user-friendly and convenient experience for Cal Poly Web visitors.

Getting Accounts

Figure out what type of account you need and how to get that account.

Custom Web Addresses

Obtain a simplified URL for a campus Web site.

Virtual Hosts

Provides information for campus technical persons on what a virtual host is and how a Custom Web Address works with a virtual host .

Outsourcing Web Work

Basic information for vendors who will be developing Web sites for Cal Poly units.

Central UNIX Web Tools

Information that is specific for working with Web files on the Central UNIX Web server.

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