Getting Accounts

The account setup process varies depending on the site owner and site content. On Central UNIX, files can reside in your personal or departmental (ULIB) account or on a departmental server. Your disk quotas will influence the amount of information you will be able to provide and where you will locate your Web pages. Image, sound, movie and other program files generally require more disk space than do text only HTML files.
Please choose the appropriate type of account from the listing below:

Department/Unit/Service Web Accounts

All academic and administrative departments and programs are encouraged to share information about their office and projects through a Web site hosted on their Web account. There are two ways to register for a Cal Poly department/unit/service Web account. First, the Service Desk allows departments to register for a UNIX account through an online request form. Second, University departments also have the ability to host departmental programs on their department servers. You must check with your departments IT staff to see if provide departmental accounts.

Faculty/Staff Web Accounts

Faculty and staff are encouraged to feature their courses, curriculum, and contact information through a personal Web site. They are required to request an account through the Help Desk, or complete the online request form. Faculty and staff may also have the opportunity to host their site within a departmental server. Check with departments IT staffs to determine the availability of departmental hosting.

Courseware (PolyLearn) Web Accounts

PolyLearn is a comprehensive and flexible e-Learning software platform that utilizes the open source tool, Moodle. All current Cal Poly faculty, staff and students can access PolyLearn through the Cal Poly portal using their Cal Poly username and password. PolyLearn courses with the proper student enrollments are automatically generated for instructors through the data warehouse feed that is pushed by the Office of the Registrar. Cal Poly faculty or staff that need a PolyLearn space for committee, student club, or department needs, may request a new PolyLearn shell by filling out the form at the link below:

Cal Poly PolyLearn New Shell Request Form

For specific help using the PolyLearn system, please refer to the PolyLearn Support web site:

Cal Poly's PolyLearn Support Site

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