About the WARC

The Web Authoring Resource Center (WARC) provides developers of Cal Poly Official Web sites with the information and tools necessary to plan and build a site that meets basic requirements for University Identity, Web Accessibility, Usability, and Aesthetics. In addition, the WARC provides valuable information on how best to maintain web sites for currency and efficiency.

We recommend that you begin with the Getting Started section then proceed through each subsequent section to get the most out of this site.

This material is developed and maintained as a joint effort of several ITS groups and University departments. Please contact the Service Desk at 756-7000 if you have questions concerning the content on these pages.

Inside the WARC

Style Requirements

Check lists of requirements for official Cal Poly Web sites as well as best practices suggestions and recommendations.

Getting Started

Here you'll find the essential processes needed to implement a Web site at Cal Poly.

Planning a Web Site

If you're thinking of developing a Web site, these essential concepts will put you on the right track. A good read for managers and developers.

Building Out a Web Site

An outline of specific development concepts to be aware of while creating a Web site at Cal Poly.

Maintenance/Management of Web Sites

Some fundamental issues to think about, plan for, and do after deploying a Web site for Cal Poly.

University Identity: logo, name use, colors, and templates

How to identify your official Cal Poly Web site as being associated with Cal Poly.

Submitting a Website For Linking From the CP Homepage

How to get and official Web site linked from the Cal Poly Home Site

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