University Identity

Upgrading an Existing 5.0.1 CP Template to Version 5.1.0

This new version of the Cal Poly Web Template improves design within the MegaNav and enhances the css styles (see the complete list of improvements). Please note, when updating to this version of the Template, you will need to update the html code as well as the links to the css and javascript. To make sure you update your site properly, please follow the steps below.

If you have any difficulty following any of the instructions below, please contact the ITS Service Desk for assistance at 805-756-7000.

Step 1: - Updating your CSS and Javascript

  1. In Dreamweaver, open the /Library folder in your site and go to Edit > Find and Replace in your menu bar.
  2. Make sure that in the drop down "Find In:" Folder... is selected.
  3. Click the folder icon directly to the right of it. This will open either your Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder. Browse through the explorer and select the /Library folder in your template.
  4. Do a Find and Replace for 5.0.1 replacing all instances of this with 5.1.0
    This will update all your library items.
  5. Next, go to Modify > Templates > Update Pages. Make sure the drop down "Look in:" has Entire Site selected, and under "Update:" check Library items and Templates (shown below). Click start and wait for your pages to be updated.example2

Step 2: - Updating Your Master Template

  1. Open your master.dwt in your Templates folder. Go to Edit > Find and Replace again. This time make sure you are only searching within the Current Document Replace all instances of 5.0.1 with 5.1.0 (shown below).
  2. Search for 5.0 to find the statements:
    Cal Poly Web Template v5.0 and
    <meta name="codebase" content="5.0" />
  3. Change the ending of these items to 5.1 (shown below).
  4. Finally, add the code <meta name="viewport" content="width=1036" /> directly below the line <meta http-equiv="X"-UA-Compatible" content="IE-Edge" /> (shown above).
  5. Save your master.dwt and update your site again. Your site will now be accessing the current css and javascript.
In the next steps you will bring an updated copy of the MegaNav into your site.

Step 3: - Make a Backup Copy of Your Current main-nav-megamenu.lbi file

Before continuing you need to make a copy of your main-nav-megamenu.lbi.

In Dreamweaver go to the /Library folder in your site and find the main-nav-megamenu.lbi and make a duplicate copy of the file by copying and pasting. (You can do this by selecting the item in Dreamweaver and using the ctrl+C and ctrl+V keyboard shortcuts for windows or command+C and command+V for mac).

It should appear in your file menu as main-nav-megamenu.lbi - Copy.

Step 4: - Get a new Copy of the main-nav-megamenu.lbi file and put it in your site

  1. You will need to download the 5.1.0 template.
  2. After downloading, unzip the file to your desktop.
  3. Use Windows file explorer or Mac finder to open the /Library folder within the downloaded template. Copy the new main-nav-megamenu.lbi file by right clicking and copying the file.
  4. Open a new file explorer / finder window and navigate to the /Library folder in your current site, pasting the file and replacing your main-nav-megamenu.lbi file. This will ensure that your site has the newest MegaNav code.

Step 5: - Rebuild the MegaNav

If your site uses the MegaNav menu, you will need to rebuild the menu using pieces from the backup copy you created in Step 3 above.

Note: We have added new code that is necessary for the new changes to take effect. Specifically, we have added <span> tags within the h3 headings, and a <div class="clear"> between the linkblock rows.

Do Not remove these items. Do not "Bulk" copy the code of your old MegaNav and overwrite these items. It must be rebuilt.

  1. Using Dreamweaver, open the main-nav-megamenu.lbi.
  2. Rebuild your MegaNav to fit your site.
  3. Use your main-nav-megamenu.lbi - Copy as a reference for changes. You can copy and paste parts of the code into your new MegaNav as long as the <span> tags and <div class="clear> elements are not altered.