University Identity

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A short quide on the basics of working with widgets in the Cal Poly 5.x template.


Widget Layout


Widgets are pre-formatted editable blocks that support various types of media and text. They are designed to show links, news, images, and other types of data in an organized, visually-appealing fashion.



Widgets can be duplicated or removed as the user sees fit (demonstrated above with the removal of 3 widgets). They can be effective tools for appealing organization but are often not relevant on smaller sites.

Editing Widgets


To edit the widgets in Dreamweaver, simply click on the edge of one of the widgets and a blue border (seen above) will appear. This border means you have entered the editable region of the widget and can now replace the text, links, images and more with your desired content.

broken formatting widget

Note: It is important to crop/size images before placing them in widgets. Widgets are coded to adapt their shape to the size of the placed image which breaks widget formatting if the image is not sized properly. The image above shows the results of using an image with an adapted width instead of original width. While perfect formatting is suggested, smaller or larger images can be sized in Dreamweaver to better fit the widget without too much pixelation. This can be accomplished by clicking on the image and dragging the black boxes to resize. To scale the image evenly shift and drag the corner of the image. Images are best sized around 180 x 180 pixels.