University Identity



The following changes will be applied to all pages in your website.Screenshot of the header's editable department info

Department Name

To edit the department name use the file

In the master.dwt file, replace "Department Name" with your college, department, or unit name. Link the "Department Name" text to your actual department home page. If your department name is long and find that you would prefer to have its text size smaller, select the text and apply the small_department_name ID.

Optional Department Information

The "Optional Department Information" is a placeholder for additional text such as a tagline, motto, or slogan. If you do not want to use this area, simply delete the text and the area will be blank.

The Cal Poly template no longer allows for the addition of a department logo in the header.


Cal Poly Logo

Search Box

The Search Box (Search Menu) uses the campus Google Search appliance provided by ITS for use by anyone throughout the campus, and is located in the top-right corner of the template.

Screenshot of the Search Box as it appears on the CP Template

In order to make the Google Search Appliance search a department site, the following must be completed:

  1. In the search.lbi file, switch to Code View in Dreamweaver. Change "" to your actual department URL (e.g.
    Screenshot of search code with items highlighted that require changes
  2. Save the file and allow the updates to be made. You may now switch out of Code View.

For more information on configuring the Google Search Code, visit the Google Web Developer Web site.

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