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ITS asks that users do not modify the footer, except for the social media icons.

Social Media Icons


Social Media Icons
Adding Social Media Icons

To add additional social media icons, copy one of the existing icons and paste it next to it. Then change the location of the image to match one of the addresses listed below. This is done in the properties toolbar by adding in the new source (src).

Modifying Social Media Icons in the Properties Toolbar

  • Keep the image height and width at 32x32.
  • The alt text needs to describe the image, e.g. flickr for the flickr icon.
  • Classes are not applied to the icons.
  • The link section should be a web address to the desired website.

Removing Social Media Icons

In the footer.lbi item select each icon individually and delete one by one. Do not delete the <div id="footerSocial">. If this is deleted, the template will have to be redownloaded and the library item footer.lbi from the download will replace the old footer.lbi library item.

Adding Previously Deleted Social Media Icons

If you have deleted any of the social media icons and need to add them back to your page, you can find them using the links below.

Facebook: facebook icon

LinkedIn: LinkedIn

Twitter: Twitter

Flickr: Flickr

YouTube: Youtube Logo

RSS: RSS logo

Delicious: Delicious Logo

Google+ icon



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