University Identity

University Identity and Communication Elements Required for Official Cal Poly Web Pages

Please refer to University Marketing for information on specific elements required for campus websites: Guides to preserve brand consistency






The below content is outdated and superceded by University Marketing information. See link above


These are the required minimum university identity and communication elements that must be applied to an official Cal Poly Web page. These requirements do not, for the most part, address design or technical elements of page development. It is strongly recommended that the Cal Poly Web Template be used for all official Cal Poly sites.

A major component of building off-campus awareness of Cal Poly is its Web site. The information and the links that you provide on your program's pages reflect not only on you but also on Cal Poly. With that in mind, the following minimum requirements must be used when creating your official Cal Poly Web page.

University Policies

When creating official Cal Poly Web pages, observe all university policies. In particular, please review the Information Technology Resources Responsible Use Policy before creating an official Cal Poly Web site. Specifically, you should understand the definition of an official Cal Poly Web page and usage constraints of the Cal Poly Logo in addition to those stated below, which are specific to Official Web pages.

Header Contents

  • The Cal Poly logo must be placed at the top left of the actual Web page to readily identify it as official Cal Poly content. The Cal Poly Logo should be a minimum of 100 pixels long. Logo must not be smaller than 100 pixels in width. Nothing is to be placed above or to the left of the Cal Poly logo. There must be a clear visual separation between the Cal Poly logo and other icons or text. The logo cannot be combined with any other icon or text.
  • The Cal Poly logo must link back to the Cal Poly home page.
  • For Accessibility purposes, the alt attribute and the title attribute must be added to the image tag that presents the logo as follows: alt="Cal Poly" title="Go to Cal Poly Home".
  • The top of the Web page must contain the name of department, program, unit, or service (e.g., Information Technology Services) and content title, if applicable (e.g., Policies and Procedures).

Cal Poly Logo should be a minimum of 100 pixels

Footer Contents

Web page footer contents must contain:

  • Departmental Web site links (these are necessary if the main navigation is constructed using images).
  • Place on a separate line, links to "Cal Poly Home" ( and "Cal Poly Find It" (
  • Name of department or campus organization.
  • Mailing address, telephone number and e-mail address.

Sample Footer Layout #1

(A table is used only to demonstrate the layout of content. Please don't use tables for web page layout.)

Cal Poly Home | Cal Poly Find It

Name of Office or Organization
California Polytechnic State University
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407


Internal Contents of Page

For maximum service and visibility among search engines and in bookmarks, all pages including frames must contain:

  • HTML <title> tag for page window titles.
  • The words "Cal Poly" should be used in all HTML title coding. We recommend that the order of the text in the title tag look like the following: "page title - department name - Cal Poly".


Cal Poly Web template is available in the University Identity section of the Web Authoring Resource Center. Use of the Cal Poly Web template is not required; however, each site must, at a minimum, utilize the required header and footer elements and internal contents as outlined above.