Content Organization

The objectives of content assessment and organization are to gather a list of the necessary content and to organize that content relative to your audience's needs. This process works "hand in glove" with the process of defining your Audience. Both these processes require that you have defined the Purpose of your website.

Create a list of all the information sources, services, processes, and other content you offer (or plan to offer) that can be made available through the Web. Eliminate items that don't directly advance the purpose of your site or may not fulfill audience objectives.

Note: at this time it may be a good opportunity to enlist a focus group of your audience to help define and describe your offerings.

  1. Assess your service offerings by mapping them to the audience based on their needs.
  2. Next, categorize the items in your content inventory according to both user needs and the purpose of your site.
  3. For example, if you have content that concerns the graduation process and part of your purpose is to offer that content to your users, then graduation may be a likely category. Continue to group all of your content into their respective categories.
  4. After all the content is categorized, organize the content within each category by its relative importance to users. Finally, name each category with a concise and descriptive title. These will become your main "category" links for your Web site.
  5. By completing this process you have collected content that satisfies the needs of your target audience, categorized your content into groups that form the foundation for your site structure, and prioritized the relative importance of the content in each category.