Getting Started

Sponsored Accounts

Sponsored accounts are provided (for a fee) to individuals who are NOT students or employees of the University or its auxiliaries. For a complete definition of a Sponsored Account and who they are intended for, please refer to the Sponsored Accounts Web page.

Note: If a Web site that is to be published through a Sponsored Account is considered an "official Web page" then it must conform to current Cal Poly standards and guidelines as outlined in the Style Requirements section including Web Accessibility compliance. In this case, the Cal Poly Web template should be used.

Getting a Sponsored Account

Because of the uniqueness and funding requirement for a Sponsored Account, please come by the ITS Service Desk in building 46 room 100, or call 756-7000 for assistance in obtaining an account.

Creating a Web site and placing it on Central UNIX

Use these steps to assist you with creating a Web site and publishing it on Central UNIX

STEP 1) Planning a Web site

Use the Planning section of this site (the Web Authoring Resource Center) to help you conceptualize and figure out the layout and navigation or your Web site.

STEP 2) Obtain Dreamweaver Training

For information on obtaining Dreamweaver training, ITS suggests that users obtain training through the training website.

STEP 3) Download the Cal Poly Web Template and Build Your Site

Obtain the template from the University Identity - Templates section of this site. Use the template instructions to setup your site. The Cal Poly web template is 100% web accessible and incorporates the campus' identity requirements.

STEP 4) Upload your Web site to your department's Web server

Contact your department's technical support person for specifics on how to upload to your department's Web server.