Getting Started

Club/Team Web Accounts on Central UNIX

Clubs chartered by ASI and Teams officially recognized by the Recreational Sports Department are entitled to a Central UNIX account on which Web pages can be hosted. A Custom Web Address (vanity name or custom URL) that defines a particular Web address/url for a Web site is also available.

Club and Team accounts hosted on a Central UNIX instructional server may not host Web pages that are designed to market or sell products or services. Enterprise type Web sites must be hosted by non-instructional, department, Cal Poly Corporation, ASI, or outside Web servers. A list of local area network support contacts that can explain non-instructional Web resources available to your department can be found through the "Support Contacts by Department" link on the Service Desk Web site.

Getting an account on Central Unix

More information about Club and Team accounts

Please visit the ASI Club Programs and Services page or call the ITS Service Desk at 756-7000 if you have questions about centrally managed Club and Team accounts.

Linking Club and Team Web sites

Please note that Cal Poly does not make direct links to club or team pages from the main Cal Poly WWW pages. See the Getting Linked section for more information.

Creating a Web site and placing it on Central UNIX

Use these steps to assist you with creating a Web site and publishing it on Central UNIX

STEP 1) Planning a Web site

Use the Planning section of this site (the Web Authoring Resource Center) to help you conceptualize and figure out the layout and navigation or your Web site.

STEP 2) Obtain Dreamweaver Training

For information on obtaining Dreamweaver training, ITS suggests that users obtain training through the training website.

STEP 3) Download the Cal Poly Web Template and Build Your Site

Obtain the template from the University Identity - Templates section of this site. Use the template instructions to setup your site. The Cal Poly web template is 100% web accessible and incorporates the campus' identity requirements. Clubs should use the Cal Poly Web template for club web sites.

STEP 4) Upload your Web site on Central UNIX

Use the Central UNIX Web Tools Web site to upload your website to the Central UNIX Web server.