File Name Standards

One of the essential aspects of having a well thought out and organized web site is to conform to the standardized filenames used for the Web. A basic web site should contain default page for the "homepage". Most Web servers default to using the index.html, index.htm, or default.html page.

Having a default page allows you to use a simplified URL without specifying the home page name. For example instead of using you can use

  • Filename should be all lowercase and have no spaces
  • Use "-" hyphens or "_" underscores as space fillers
  • When naming the file be sure to use words that describe the content.
.gif Graphics Interchange Format image format. The standard for 8-bit web graphics.
Hyper Text Markup Language document. A text file that contains a number of commands that a web browser interprets. Used on the internet.
Stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. A format used on 24-bit images for its high compression rate. Has became reasonably popular on the internet.