web Accessibility

AccVerify/Repair from HiSoftware

HiSoftware’s AccRepair Desktop single user/single PC product allows developers, content providers and quality assurance staff to test and verify Web content for accessibility and to programmatically fix errors. Allowing for immediate testing and reporting at the desktop level, files can be tested locally or across a mapped networked drive. Automated browsing is available at the desktop level and is limited to 1,000 pages per scan. The AccRepair license includes Link Validation Utility and Hi-Caption licensing.

  • AccVerify/Repair v11® (Single User/Single PC Desktop software)
  • Hi-Caption (Studio)
  • Link Validation Utility

Software Download

AccVerify/Repair, Link Validation Utility, and Hi-Caption are available for installation from the Cal Poly Portal Software Download channel. The use of this software is restricted to Cal Poly faculty, administration and students. Users are allowed to install AccRepair on university computers, or computers used at home for university – only related work.


Only some Section 508 checkpoints can be validated using an automated checker like Hi-Software AccVerify/Repair. To ensure the site meets Section 508, CSU and campus requirements a manual evaluation of the website must be completed too.


  • The AccVerify/Repair v11 User Guide will be installed with the software. Once AccRepair is installed, the book can be located in the program files/documentation.
  • The Understanding Accessibility eBook is available for download at: http://www.hisoftware.com/subscribe.htm . The eBook is included with the product download. Once AccRepair is installed, the book can be located in the program files/documentation.


Contact the ITS Service Desk at 756-7000 to request assistance with AccVerify/Repair or Link Validation Utility.