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Timed Responses - Checkpoint (p)

The law states:

"When a timed response is required, the user shall be alerted and given sufficient time to indicate more time is required."

Web sites sometimes use this technique to reduce demands on servers or to keep web sites secure. A disabled person may need more time than normal to comprehend a web site fully. For example, banking institutions often log you off, due to inactivity, for security reasons. When a timed response is required, alert your users when their time is about to run out, and give them an option to request more time.

Pages that refresh every few seconds also pose problems for users since the screen reader starts at the beginning of the web page every time the web page refreshes. Many sports web sites use this technique to update scores automatically. Weather web sites also use this technique to update weather forecasts. If your web site automatically refreshes, consider implementing another way to retrieve new information or have an option to turn it off.

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