web Accessibility

Server-Side Image Maps - Checkpoint (e)

The law states:

"Redundant text links shall be provided for each active region of a server-side image map."

The current best practice is to not use server-side image maps as they are considered inaccessible. Replace them with client-side image maps. See Client-Side Image Maps - Checkpoint (f).

What are Server-side Image Maps

Image maps are images with clickable hot spots that act as links. Different links reside in different locations of the image. With server-side image maps, the server determines where in the image the user clicked on, and sends the user to the appropriate web page. This poses a problem for the audience using screen readers because they will not see or know where links will take users until that new page has loaded. To solve this problem of server-side image maps, create an equivalent set of text links next to the image map. Also, label the image map with an alt tag to alert the user that these equivalent set of links are available. Fortunately, server-side image maps are no longer common. Consider using client-side image maps if you are using server-side image maps.